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Flicktweets presents only the most relevant tweets, helping moviegoers determine what movie to see whenever they are ready to see it. Flicktweets covers current releases, DVD releases, and film classics. Whether it's "The Dark Knight" or "West Side Story," Flicktweets will show the moviegoer the latest reviews from across the twitterverse. Read complete movie details, watch trailers, search for movies, share movies with friends, and tweet reviews all from Flicktweets.

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About the Graphs and Metric Scores:

Along with each movie listing is the MRQE Critics’ Graph and Metric Score, provided by Flicktweets’ sister-site, MRQE.com, the Movie Review Query Engine. Accumulating reviews from the greatest amount of critics on print and the web, the MRQE Metric compiles the voice of critical opinion and presents a definitive number for each film. The number, listed between 0-100, is based on an average of these reviews, with the five categories of A-F. Unlike a grading scale, the letters convert to numbers as follows: A: 100; B: 75; C: 50; D: 25; F: 0.

Generally, films that rate above 70 have favorable reviews, films that rate between 70 and 50 have mixed reviews, and films under 50 have poor reviews. The grades are coupled with MRQE's Critics Graph, which displays the critical consensus for each film. Amassing the most reviews from print and the web, the MRQE Metric and Critics Graph is the definitive source for aggregated movie reviews, and the first place movie buffs turn to find the critical voice on a film.